• Nepenthes Sanguinea - This is an easy to grow clone which seems to prefer intermediate to highland conditions but has done well for us both in and outdoors here in Southern California.  Pitchers get large and are very colorfulSale on hardy 3.5" plants

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    King Henry Venus Flytrap - Known for being voracious, King henry its a towering giant venus flytrap. Traps grow upward and gently arch back due to Heavy-Weight traps. These tend to mature quickly, they are among the fastest and largest traps we grow.

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  • Wacky Traps - As the name suggests, this is a very unusual variety of Venus flytrap.  Rhizome development is often more pronounced than trap growth, trap development picks up more summer months.We have successfully pollenated and crossed this variety which was previously thought to be so mutated that it was unreceptive to traditional propagation techniques.

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  • Sarracenia Scarlett Belle is a vibrant red and white American Pitcher Plant that is known for spreading quickly through larger pots. While it is not known for its size, the Scarlett Belle is easy to grow and will show off its brilliant colors during the summer months.

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  • Nepenthes Spathulata - A dersireable and large growing species of nepenthes which is rare considering it is such a popular parent plant in commercially produced nepenthes hybrids.  These are easy to grow, preferring intermediate or highland conditions but acclimate to others quickly.Our seed grown plants are showing very nice pitcher coloration, with...

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  • Nepenthes Palawanensis - New in cultivation and often offered from tissue culture, we have a small batch of N. palawanensis which were grown from seed at our location in Southern California.  Palawanensis is a steady growing highland nepenthes species which eventually produces enonormous pitchers similar but larger than N. attenboroughiiSize : 2.5" Potted

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  • Cirrus Relfex F Bar Grow Light - The Reflex F Bar Light is heavy in the red spectrum but has an overall balenced spectrum which is great for both growth and flowering. These can be daisy chained, have amazing coverage, and perfect for grow tents or greenhouses.  We are using them as supplimental lights for our nepenthes.Discount Code Including Free...

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  • Cirrus Relfex V Bar Grow Light - The Reflex V Bar Light has a heavy blue spectrum and is optimized for vegetative growth. This light works great as a standalone light, or paired with other Reflex LED Bar Lights for a more complete spectrum.  These can be daisy chained, worked great indoors and for situations where supplimental lighting is needed.Discount...

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